Tokyo is the world´s most populous metropolis.

This capital has everything you can ever imagine, shopping, entertainment, culture and all kind of different technics you have never seen before!

One of the first things we went to see was the Sensoji Temple a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa.

This is a very beautiful temple surrounded by a shopping street where you can buy all kind of souvenirs, food and other stuff.

We also payed a visit to the Tokyo Skytree which is a 634 metres tall television broadcasting tower.

It is the tallest structure in Japan.

We went up to the observation decks to watch the amazing view over Tokyo. The enclosed decks are located at the heights of 350 and 450 metres.

One of the last days in Japan we went to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden which is one of Tokyo´s biggest parks.

This park is truly breathtaking and peaceful. In spring this is actually one of the best places to see the cherry blossoms.

You will find a Japanese landscape garden, French garden, English landscape garden and a greenhouse there.

Tokyo is really the city that never sleeps, we were amazed by this big town!