Nara is a beautiful city that lies less than one hour from Kyoto and Osaka.

It was actually Japan´s first permanent capital, established in 710. The city offers a lot of different historic treasures and has some of Japan´s oldest temples.

But what Nara is mostly known for today must probably be that the city holds more than 1000 wild deers.

You will get to see them mostly at the Nara Park and you can also buy a pack of deer crackers to feed them, which we did several times.

The city has a lot of traffic signs, warning of wild deers jumping in to the busy traffic, which we also experienced a few times.

But the drivers seem to be quite used to it which was pretty funny to watch!

Let´s put it this way: you won´t miss out on the deers while you´re in Nara, cause they are pretty much everywhere.