Kangaroo Island - known as the zoo without fences and it truly is!

We took the ferry from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island and had our rented motorhome with us for 3 days.

We stayed at Western KI Caravan Park which couldn´t been any better for us! Our nearest neighbours were kangaroos and koalas! During our stay there we saw a lot of wildlife, different kind of birds, echidnas, kangaroos, sheep, koalas, yes, you name it!

It was the perfect place for some wildlife exploring. They actually have a little path next to them where you can take a walk right next to wild wallabies and koalas.

We recommend you to stay a few days at Kangaroo Island because there is so much to do! The easiest way to get around is with a car/campervan/motorhome.

The most breathtaking place according to us is the Remarkable Rocks and it´s one of the island´s signature landmarks and now a part of Flinders Chase National Park.

This granite boulders took over 500 million years to create and they are really breathtaking, that´s for sure! We were there in the early evening, which we definitely recommend you to do too!

We hade the whole place to ourselves!

Other amazing places to visit on Kangaroo Island are Admirals Arch which is a natural rock arch, created by mother nature. It´s an easy walk on a boardwalk around the cliff face.

And you also get to see a lot of the beautiful Fur- seals with their cute babies!

We also went to the Seal Bay, which also is a very beautiful place. But you need to pay a fee to be able to take a walk on the boardwalk to see the seals on the beach.

You can also book a guided tour which allows you to come really close the the seals.

Kangaroo Island is definitely worth a visit, we loved every second of our 3 days there. Everywhere you go you will see Australias amazing wildlife and it actually just took us a few minutes getting off the ferry before we saw wild animals.

You won´t regret your stay here if you love animals as much as we do – that´s for sure!