The last tour we did on our cruise trip in the Caribbean was when we embarked the Cayman Islands.

We started off by getting on a catamaran which would take us to Stingray City.

The ride took a little while and we got further and further away, but right there, in the middle of the dark ocean there was a spot with turqouise water and white sands. It looked beautiful!

We stopped there and jumped right in to the 3 feet of water to enjoy some time with wild beautiful stingrays. We had an amazing time with this wild but friendly animals. We also fed them.

The story says that the stingrays began gathering there back in the old days when fishermen returned from an excursion to clean their fish in the calm waters of the shallows and sandbar area.

The guts of the fish and the squids were thrown overboard and the stingrays began to feast there.

The stingrays soon associated the sound of boat engines with food and nowadays it´s more of a tradition and attracts a lot of tourists.

We loved this tour, but be aware that these are wild animals, respect them and they will respect you.