In 2012 we spent one month in Thailand. This was our first big trip actually.

We spent the month backpacking the country, from Bangkok down to Krabi and the Phi Phi Island and back up again.

To travel around Thailand is very easy and we had no problems at all.

We visited places like Bangkok, Hua Hin, Koh Chang, Koh Samui and so on.

The food is amazing and so are the prices! We stayed at cheap hotels and spent the days exploring as much as we could, we rented a moped and drove around the different islands and saw waterfalls, beautiful beaches, wildlife and so much more.

This trip was more of a vacation where we took the day as it came and didn´t stress too much about it.

We were lucky to actually visit Maya Bay before it went downhill and unfortunalety got over exploited.

When we were in Phi Phi Islands we rented a long tail boat that took us to all different kinds of islands such as Maya Bay, Chicken Island and Monkey Beach.

We always took either the train och the busses to get around in Thailand and as we have mentioned below, it is very easy to get around in Thailand.