We did a mediterranean cruise for 1 week back in 2013.

The cruise started in Barcelona, Spain and then Tunis which we spent a few hours in.

Tunis wasn´t really anything for us to be completely honest. It wasn´t much to see or do so we did a quick stroll and went back to the cruise.

The next stop was in Palermo, Italy a charming city. We spent some hours drinking coffée and walking around the city before we went back to the cruise.

The days on the sea before we arrived to the different locations, we spent mostly eating, sunbathing, or chilling by the pool with a drink in our hands.

From Palermo the cruise then took us to Rome where we booked an excursion and saw all the important sights such as Colosseum, which kind of surprised us because it was in the middle of the town with all the busy traffic driving right outside from it.

After Rome the next destination was Civitavecchia which is also situated in Italy. We didn´t see so much of this place actually.

Genoa was the next stop, which is a charming city. We spent the day walking around in the city, going to the Aquarium and in the evening we witnessed the inauguration of one of the cruiselines new ships before we started the journey back to Barcelona.